Welcome at Koutsj.nl

After 9 years of just selling vintage items, KOUTSJ is now doing upholstery in a collaboration with Van Noor upholstery.

-we re-upholster your furniture

-upholster custom made, for bars, private homes, shops, etc etc

-we’ll post some vintage items we bumped into on our social media pages as “Objet TrouvĂ©”

-and we will keep on offering a nice selection of vintage carpets


For any questions, please contact us!


About Koutsj.nl

Koutsj has started 7 years ago in Amsterdam by Eelco Franz. The first 4 years Koutsj was offering a nice selection of funky sofa’s. Nothing more, nothing less! Now we offer much more and we’re doing UPHOLSTERY!

In between we’ve been for 3 years at the Westerstraat, then we moved to Sloterdijk for a big storage sale, and now we’re focussing on UPHOLSTERY! We restore vintage furniture, or do custom made upholstery projects in a collaboration with Van Noor upholstery!

We sell all over the world from China to USA, and work together with stylists or entrepreneurs to realise their idea’s. Our customers are from private buyers to well known company’s in Amsterdam, like ‘De School’, participations with the Tao group (Jimmy Woo), or styling with Jelier & Schaaf, Art Department and much more!


You can pass by at our new work space by appointment regarding upholstery projects at KNSM LAAN 305, Amsterdam. Keep an eye on our social media te stay up to date!

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